Why dating is like personal loans

Why applying for a personal loan is like dating

Dating can be confusing – who makes the first move, when will they call you back, how do you even start to find the one, what are they looking for? Which is why it can be like applying for a personal loan. So many questions, so many fish in the sea! There’s also a few requirements to meet before getting a second date. Whether you’re seeking your first love, or you’ve been in the game a long time, this guide should help you make sense of it all.

8 reasons why applying for a personal loan is like dating:

There’s usually an age criteria

You could say age is just a number, but usually there’s an age criteria when applying for a loan. You need to be 21 years or older to be approved for a personal loan with The Lending People. It’s possible to still get approval if you are 18 – 20 years old, but you would require a guarantor on the loan, such as a parent (we don’t always recommend bringing a parent to a first date though!)

You’ll ideally be sticking around the country

We accept residents and citizens of New Zealand (and Australia). We’re open to international romances, but only if you’re looking for a quick fling – the term of the loan needs to be within the dates of a valid Work Visa.

You’ll be able to pick someone up for a date

If you’re applying for a car loan, you’ll need to have a current licence. But we’re not fussy what type – Learners, Restricted and Full Licences are good to go. Our friends from across the ditch are lucky in love, we can accept Aussie licences. We accept international heartbreakers too – but again the loan term needs to be within dates of a valid international licence, usually a year.

You’ll ideally have a job

When applying for a personal loan, we also need to ask ‘What do you do?’ As lenders, we don’t really mind if you’re a tow-truck driver or a surgeon. We just like to know your job is stable (eg. you’re out of any trial period) and your income is consistent. If your job situation isn’t quite meeting criteria, it’s possible adding a co-borrower will help get you across the line.

It’s important you can afford it

We’re not gold diggers, and we don’t mind where you take us for dinner, but as responsible lenders we do need to ensure you can afford the loan repayments. We’ll ask if you have any dependents, and also check out any expenses and other loans on recent bank statements. If you don’t quite meet affordability, it’s possible you can get across the line by adding a co-borrower.

We’ll go on a date, no matter your credit rating

We can accept all credit types – from perfect unicorns to not-so-perfect credit. We look at all aspects of your application, so it’s possible to be approved if your credit isn’t as flash as your dinner suit.

You’ll be able to decide if it’s a short fling, or longer commitment

Our loan terms are flexible – with weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment and up to 7 years to pay. Your rates are always fixed for the length of your loan, so you can rest easy knowing your repayments won’t change.

It can all be done online

Online dating’s been around for a while, and digital match ups are quickly becoming the norm. You could say we are the Tinder of personal loans – the whole process can be done on your mobile. Stay in your trackies – there’s no need to move from the couch!

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