Personal loans for anything

What can I use a personal loan for?

There’s plenty of times in life we might be after some extra moolah – a few unexpected bills, when your car finally carks it, or a wedding invite on the other side of the globe. So, what can you actually use a personal loan for?

Our personal loans are for anything (well, almost!)

In short, you can use an unsecured personal loan for pretty much anything.

When you apply, our team will ask what the loan is for – we’re obliged to ask, and need to double check it’s not being used for anything we can’t lend for. As responsible lenders, we obviously can’t lend money for anything illegal. We also can’t lend for gambling or investing, since there is a chance you could lose the money for good. We also can’t let you take out a loan on behalf of someone else, and personal loans aren’t accepted by banks as a form of home loan deposit.

How about a personal loan for a car? Technically you can use a generic personal loan to buy a car, but you’re often better to get a loan specifically tailored for a car. A car loan is secured which means if you default on the loan, the lender can take your vehicle as repayment. Because it’s secured you can often get an even better interest rate, and you’re more likely to be approved.

We offer personal loans specifically for cars, with fantastic rates, for all licence and credit types! Simply apply now and select the ‘Buying a car’ option. We’ll email you a no obligation quote, and it’s all nice and easy from here.

The possibilities though, are endless. Here’s just some of the things you can use a personal loan for:

A personal loan to sort out your other loans

Known as debt consolidation, you can use these to roll your existing debt into one loan – making everything easier to manage, and often with a lower interest rate. Check out our article for Everything You Need To Know about Debt Consolidation

A loan to get you places

Whether you’re after a quick winter getaway, need to visit family far away, or just have the travel itch, a personal loan can help get you there. Check out our article Where to Escape the NZ Winter

A loan to make your house a home

Maybe you’ve got grand plans for your humble abode. Or you just want to fix up those leaks, creaks and holes! A personal loan can be used for all those home related costs – renovations, new furniture, tools and maintenance.

A loan to make life a little easier

Nobody said it would be easy, but sometimes life gets a little hard! If you’ve had some unexpected medical bills, car needs a fix up, or your fridge has seen better days, a personal loan can help.

A loan to get you down the aisle

Getting married can give you the warm fuzzies, but the thought of all those costs can sometimes ruin the moment! A personal loan can help get you started, or help with any gaps in the budget or unforeseen costs.

Whether you’re looking to get hitched, or hitch hike across the USA, we can make it happen with a personal loan. We have great rates, flexible loan terms and love to say YES. Applying is super easy, 100% online, and once you’re done we’ll flick through a no obligation quote. Get Started