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Travel on a Shoestring

They say travelling is a priceless experience. No arguments there, but it still costs money! We’ve researched the best places to travel on a budget and our top tips to make your money go further.


An essential part of your holiday – getting there! With good planning and a bit of effort, flights are possibly the easiest way to save some dosh.
If you’re really looking for the best deal, it can be worth being flexible on location and dates. Use the Skyscanner website, type ‘everywhere’ for destination and select ‘whole month’ – the site will provide destinations in price order, for all airlines.
If you’ve already got somewhere dreamy in mind, you can also set price alerts on Skyscanner.


Some destinations are cheap to get to, but you need to take out a mortgage to fund a nice trip once you’re there!
A list of some of the cheaper (and most enjoyable!) travel locations:


With private villas from as low as $16nz a night, you can live like royalty – even on a budget. Fill up on street food or try Warungs local restaurants for cheap and delicious options. Tours, activities and shopping are pretty cheap too – and don’t forget to haggle!

travel bali


Morocco is one of the most affordable African countries, but is also very cheap to get to from most major European cities. Markets offer cheap eclectic shopping, food is great value and accommodation in the Riads offer unique, luxurious stays for far less than a Kiwi backpackers.

travel morocco


Portugal is like Spain’s slightly bohemian little sister. It’s also slightly cheaper, but with plenty to offer. Once there, travelling by train is often the best option and eat where the locals eat.

travel morocco


With the recent financial crisis, Greece is one of the more affordable European destinations. Try AirBnB for affordable and often charming accommodation. Best to avoid peak season in August – June, July and September still have great weather minus the extra cost.

travel greece


One of the most popular budget travel destinations, and it’s easy to see why. Just a few dollars will buy you a bowl of pho and a Vietnamese iced coffee. Open tour buses are a great affordable way to travel longer distances – you can also stop at multiple destinations along the way and stay as long as you like (giving 24 hours before boarding your next bus)

travel vietnam


It’s also worth considering the expense of what you’ll be doing on holiday – reading your book on the beach is free, hikes and walks are often free but tours and activities and car rentals can blow the budget quickly. It can be a good idea to have a loose daily plan – research the activities online before you go so you can budget appropriately.


There’s plenty of websites which show you the best deals for accommodation – Trivago,, Or you can use to request price notifications on specific hotels.


Expensive destinations nearly always have expensive food, particularly when staying at an isolated resort. While food can be an essential travel experience, we don’t want to be forking out for every meal! Look for accommodation which includes food (worth checking the reviews before booking) or avoid tourist areas to fuel up. If in doubt, ask a local! Stocking up on snacks and breakfast foods at the supermarket can also save some cash.

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