Car features 2018

New car features to love in 2018

It wasn’t long ago that power steering and electric windows were one of those fancy car features we didn’t all have. Today, modern cars seem to be advancing at a rate of knots (or should we say miles) each year. Here’s a list of our favourites in 2018.

In-car wellness spa

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is known for it’s extravagant car features (like heated armrests!) but the 2018 model is offering the ENERGIZING Comfort function –  technology to increase our wellbeing. You’ll no longer need your car for a trip to the spa for some rest and relaxation, simply click a button for your 10 minute in-car spa experience. Turn on your chosen program to have the seat temperature adjusted and lighting dimmed for your massage, while listening to your favourite music and even have your chosen fragrance dispensed. There’s also a ‘training’ option with simple exercises to promote relaxation, muscle activation and balance.

Steering Wheel Takeover

2018 models of the Lexus LS and Volvo XC60 can literally steer you out of trouble. Using autonomous driving technology, the car can take over the steering wheel when necessary to avoid collisions. The Lexus also offers new Intuitive Pedestrian Detection. The Volvo uses similar technology to help avoid hitting other vehicles, pedestrians and even large animals.

Virtual Guides

Car makers have begun digitising their car manuals, but Hyundai has taken it up a level. Using a mobile app, motorists can simply point their smart phones to a function or part in the car for everything there is to know. The app includes 135 how-to videos and 3D overlay images that will pop up on the mobile screen.

Tap for bluetooth

Bluetooth has been around in cars for a while now, although connecting has never been a complete breeze. The new Honda Accord will make things much easier with ‘Near Field Communication’ technology. Simply connect by tapping your smartphone up to the ‘N’ logo on the dashboard.

Seat reminder

The unique rear seat reminder will soon be available in some American cars. The system will remind the driver if they’ve opened up the back door during the trip once the car is turned off. The technology is designed to prevent people forgetting their children in the back. But we think it will also be handy for those supermarket bags you almost forgot about.

Bag holders

It’s a different advancement to any autonomous driving technology, but just as practical. The new Volvo SUVs come fitted with grocery bag holders fitted in the boot – simply flip up the feature to keep your smaller items intact. There’s also a clever little hook above the glovebox, perfect for a lady’s handbag.

Time for an upgrade?

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