I have a poor credit history, can I still apply?

Yes. We like to look at all the positives of an application (like having a job and stable income), which means you can apply for a loan regardless of your credit history. If you like, our team can even walk you through your Credit Report and help you understand the steps you need to take to improve your Credit Score.

What interest rates do you offer?

Interest rates range for 12.95% p.a. to 28.95% p.a. subject to your credit profile.

Until 31st March 2018, we have a special Debt Consolidation interest rate of 11.95% p.a. and a special Car Loan interest rate of 8.95% p.a.

I have a Work Visa, can I still apply?

Yes absolutley.  You can apply if you are a NZ Citizen, or hold a NZ Resident or NZ Work Visa. Applicants on a NZ Work Visa will have their loan term limited to the expiry of that Visa.

I’m unemployed, can I still apply?

At a minimum you will need to be employed part time. We offer some of the most flexible credit criteria in New Zealand but you still need to be able to afford your loan repayments. We generally find that where WINZ or IRD is an applicants only source of income, they will struggle to meet our affordability requirements. However, if you receive WINZ or IRD in addition to full or part-time work, then we encourage you to apply.