Interest Rates and Fees

Our online platform matches your profile with the right lender in under 60 seconds to make sure you get the best deal. As such, we have relationships with a number of lenders, and each have different fees.

Interest Rates:

The lowest interest rate offered by any of our lenders is 6.99% p.a. and the highest is 26.99% p.a. The Lending People may have discretion to lower the rate within this range. If you have been approved but are unhappy with the interest rate you have been given, email your Business Manager and let them know.

Broker Fees:

The Lending People may charge a Broker Fee of between $0.00 and $995.00 depending on the type of loan, and the amount borrowed.

NZCU South:

Summary of NZCU South Fees >

Avanti Finance:

Summary of Avanti Finance Fees >

Financial Holdings:

Summary of Financial Holdings Fees >

Gem Finance:

Summary of Gem Finance Fees >

Geneva Finance

Summary of Geneva Finance Fees >

Legal Costs

If the structure of your loan or financing is such that we require solicitors to prepare any documentation or advice, you will be responsible for the reasonable legal costs of the legal work undertaken.


The cost of insurance may be included in the loan. The premium financed will be paid to the relevant insurance company and provide insurance cover for the period stated in each insurance policy. Take a look at the range of Insurances that we offer to protect you, your family, and your assets.

Fee Rebates

Where you settle a loan early, the application, broker fees and GPS installation fees (if any) are not rebated. CCI and GAP insurances are refunded by Rule of 78 and MBI can be transferred to a new vehicle (if applicable).