Clean your car

How to spring clean your car

The sun is going down later, blossoms are making an appearance, and the weather is finally on the up. With warmer days following a season of hibernation, many of us look to our houses for a Spring spruce up. Finally getting around to those weeds, fixing up the odd paint job, and clearing out the garage. But it’s also the perfect time to think about sprucing up your car – and giving it some TLC. Because you know what they say – look after your car and it’ll look after you! Here’s how to spring clean your car:

Check oil, fluid and water levels

These checks should be done more than once a year, but a Spring clean is a great time to check again. Keeping everything topped up will keep your engine running smoothly, and avoid related issues. 

Exterior deep clean

Giving your exterior a deep clean not only keeps your whip looking flash. But it also protects your vehicle from a bunch of damaging substances – including dirt and grit, pollen and bird poop. A good wash removes all these nasties before it begins eating away at your paintwork.  
If you’re in Auckland you’ll currently be restricted to a bucket wash. Alternatively, find a car wash that uses recycled water – like most Z petrol stations, Carfe in Greenlane. There’s also waterless cleaning products available at your local auto store.  
For those hard to reach spots, including the paintwork inside car doors, use a damp microfibre cloth or car wash wipes. 

Wax and protect

Follow up a good wash with a wax to protect paintwork from those harsh UV rays. If your interior has leather seats, it’s also best to use a specific leather polish or coat around twice a year. 

Interior deep clean

Keeping the inside of your car clean isn’t so much about protecting it. But how nice is it to step into a freshly cleaned car, free of dust and clutter! Vacuum the seats and carpets, and wipe hard surfaces with a damp microfibre cloth. Use a glass cleaner for interior windows – but spray directly on to the cloth rather than the window to avoid solution spraying elsewhere. 

Check you’re not due for a service

Regular servicing is the best way to avoid any nasty (expensive!) surprises. While you’re there, check you’re not due a WOF and your registration is up to date. 

Check the tyres and wipers

Give your windscreen wipers a wipe down, and check for signs of deterioration. Worn down wipers reduce visbility in rain and can eventually scratch your windscreen. Tyres should be checked for both wear and pressure. To check for tyre wear, use the 20 cent coin test. Place a New Zealand 20 cent piece in the tread, if the whole number ‘20’ can be seen there’s less than 2mm tread left and it’s time for new ones. While you’re there, give your wheels and tyres a good scrub – it makes a world of difference!  

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