Get thrifty with your appliances

Get thrifty with your appliances – tips to save on power

Switch off appliances when not in use

You might be surprised how much power some appliances use when they’re not even in use. Basically, anything that has a stand-by mode, uses a remote control or clock will be chugging away power pointlessly. Some households could save up to 10% on their power bill with just a few switches.

The most common culprits of unnecessary power use:

  • TVs
  • Computers and plugged in laptops
  • Printers
  • Chargers (including your phone)
  • Microwaves
  • Gaming consoles
  • Coffee machines

Power bars or smart strips

Wish you could save power without running around switching on and off powerpoints? Power bars can be set to automatically stop power flowing to devices at set times. Great power savers for all those appliances that aren’t used overnight.

Compare power companies

Switching power companies could save you hundreds a year! It’s also a great time to check out sign up deals (like cash backs and first bill discounts). You can compare energy companies online and estimate which will save you the most depending on your usage and situation.

Invest in modern eco appliances

It can be tempting to save some dosh going for the cheapest option when shopping around. It’s worth considering energy and water efficiency when buying new appliances since they could save you that money in the long run. They are often higher quality so can last much longer.

You can easily compare energy and water efficiency between appliances using the star rating stickers. Fisher and Paykel’s Eco 614L model cuts power consumption for an extra $200 price tag – money that will be paid back in bill savings in just over four years usage. Front loaders are generally more expensive to buy, but use around half the energy of a top loader.

What about your current old appliances? Older appliances might cost nothing to keep, but are nearly always costing a bomb in power. Fridges over 15 years old, for example, could require 750kWH per year to run, due to older technology, leaks and poor insulation. The best performing fridge-freezers today use less than half that.

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Use your appliances wisely

Other than investing in an energy and water efficient washing machine, there are also ways to cut down the bills just by being aware of how you use it. Modern washing machines have a huge range of wash cycle options, it makes sense to use them. Cold water setting is great for saving on power costs, and will more than often do the trick perfectly. Always try to wash a full load of clothes – while most washing machines will use sensors to use the perfect amount of water, the same amount of energy is used regardless. Use the eco setting – they’re often longer, which you think would use more energy, but all the agitation and soaking during the long cycle isn’t using much power.