Family car

Family Car: Why You Should Consider a Wagon Over an SUV

There’s plenty of reasons most families want to super-size their family car at some point. More rugrats in the back seat, more gear on family holidays, room for the dog and something to tow the dinghy.

It seems kiwi families love SUVs and they’re only growing in popularity. In 2006, around 14,000 SUVs were sold in New Zealand. By the end of 2016 the number had catapulted to around 44,500. But until recently, wagons have been the classic family choice – and we want to prove why they’re still a very practical option.

You can fit as much junk in the trunk

Both SUVs and wagons are a great way to travel when you have a whole lot of gear. Boot space in wagons is very often as big, if not bigger, than their SUV counterparts. The Hyundai i30 for example has a bigger boot than the new Tucson (by more than 60 litres!)


A lighter vehicle and a lower, more streamline body compared to an SUV, makes a wagon’s performance superior – and not very different to a sedan.


Wagons being lower and lighter also mean they’ll cost less at the fuel pump. If that isn’t enough, they also often cost less in tyre maintenance since wagons have more standard tyres.

What’s not to love?

You might not be able to take your wagon up the slopes (or across the river). Due to the height of an SUV, you can sacrifice some leg and head room in a wagon. A couple of minor points, unless you’re a particularly tall or snow-loving family!

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