Easy side hustle ideas for 2020

Maybe you’ve got money goals for 2020, or maybe your bank account is looking a little empty after all those Christmas celebrations. Thanks to the conveniences of technology, it’s never been easier to make some extra cash with a good side hustle.


If you’ve got a little spare time and a love of four-legged friends, earn some extra dosh by looking after people’s pets. Register as a pet sitter on Pawshake.co.nz to offer your choice of services – dog boarding, doggy day care, dog walking, home visits and house sitting. Dog walking could be the perfect way to get paid to do some exercise, while enjoying the company of a loveable pooch!

Air bnb

Got a spare room, a cosy outhouse, or an empty house while you’re away on holiday? Consider booking it out on Air BnB. How much you earn obviously depends on a few factors. Such as location, amenities, reviews, and how well presented your place is. If your place could do with a spruce up, or you need to invest in new furniture to get started, a personal loan might help you earn some extra dosh.


Instead of binging on Netflix and scrolling mindlessly through instagram, earn cash looking after some local rugrats. Register as an available babysitter at Jugglestreet.co.nz, Sitta.co.nz or post a friendly ad on your local Facebook page. You might even get a bowl of mac ‘n cheese for dinner.


Becoming an uber driver means opportunity to earn an income around the clock. You can set your own hours, although driving during peak times (Friday and Saturday night) will earn you more. To get on the road, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have at least 1 year driving experience (or 3 if you’re under 23)
  • Have a valid driver’s license, insurance and current car registration.
  • You also need a car that meets Uber requirements. This includes being in excellent working condition, no cosmetic damage and 10 years old or less.

If you’re keen to drive your way to a healthier bank account but need a new ride, The Lending People might be able to help with a car loan.

Virtual assistant

If you’re an organisation queen who loves working in your PJs, becoming a virtual assistant could be the perfect side hustle. It involves providing administrative, technical or creative skills for businesses remotely. Common tasks include: video editing, social media content, writing, book keeping, powerpoint presentations, proofreading, travel arrangements, answering diverted mobile calls, diary management, gift purchasing, data entry, graphic design and videography. If becoming a virtual assistant is for you, but you need some new gear to help make it happen, a personal loan might be able to help.