Car finance

Car Finance: What to Consider

Repayment terms

With flexible repayment terms, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the length of your loan – shorter repayments are great as you save on interest, but longer repayments can mean you can afford a higher loan as you’re paying off over a longer period.


Some lenders will require a deposit for car finance, others will require no deposit. It’s great if you can put down a deposit as it will mean lower repayments.

Freedom to choose

When buying with finance, there can be restrictions on what and where you buy. Car finance with The Lending People means you can buy privately or through any registered Motor Vehicle dealer across New Zealand.

Interest rates

Interest rates aren’t everything when it comes to car finance, but they’re certainly important. It’s best to find a car loan with a fixed interest rate, so you know exactly how much you’re paying (and no nasty surprises!)

Fair treatment

We understand life has its hurdles, you might be new to the country or new to driving, with a Learners License. All lenders have different criteria but at The Lending People we prefer to look at the positives.


Of course, you want your application to be as easy as possible, with a friendly team to call if there’s any questions. Remember it’s actually best not to apply everywhere for finance – multiple finance applications can impact your credit rating.

We might be bias of course but we think we’re the best for car finance! Here at The Lending People we require no deposit, you can buy privately or through any registered Motor Vehicle dealer, fair interest rates and easy-peasy online applications. We can even help those on a work visa, learners, new to employment and not-so-perfect credit.