Wedding finance

Budget-Friendly Wedding Tips

Planning your dream day doesn’t always mean the budget’s looking so dreamy! Before you say “I do”, say “I will” to some of these budget tips to save some dosh:

Budget first!

Before you book in anything, make a note of all expected estimate costs. It’s easy book a BYO outdoor venue because you’ll save on drink costs, before you realise how much marquee hire costs!

Honeymoon second…

Firstly, you don’t always need an extravagant honeymoon! You could consider a mini-moon or even a staycation if the budget’s tight. If you do have your heart set on an overseas trip, it’s worth thinking about this early so you can take advantage of travel deals. It could be worth having a few destinations and travel dates in mind and wait for a deal – try the ‘everywhere’ location on Skyscanner and set price notifications on a few websites.

Friends and family

You might be surprised how much your friends and family will be willing help if you ask! Best to ask early, but think flowers (especially simple table arrangements), dessert table and bridal party transport.

Go digital on the invites

You’d probably be surprised at how much printing and postage costs! Embrace the digital age by going paper-less with your wedding invitations. You can find plenty of options online, which have plenty of customisable, good-looking templates and also keep track of RSVPs.

Double-duty flowers

A wedding ceremony often only takes around 20-30 minutes so it makes sense to re-use the florals in the reception! Ask a couple of trust-worthy family members or friends to bring them with them, along with clear instructions of where they’re to go at the reception venue.

Go easy on favours

Go simple and home-made with favours, or use share-able favours for each couple, rather than each guest. You could even skip them all together – chances are, most guests won’t even notice!

Beer and wine

When it comes to drinks, beer and wine costs a whole lot less than spirits. If you’re worried about your fussy aunt not being satisfied with the options, you could opt to serve spirits only later in the night.

Keep it simple with the dress

If a dress isn’t your top priority, you could always find an off-the-rack white dress and make it bridal with accessories. Chances are there’ll be a lot more choice, there won’t be any other brides in the same dress, and it’ll be far more budget-friendly than a dress with the ‘wedding’ label.

Looking for wedding finance?

Sometimes all the budget-friendly tips in the world aren’t going to help pay for a wedding! If you need a helping hand, our personal loans can be used to finance your big day. With fixed interest rates and repayments to suit, all you need to worry about is walking down the aisle!