Budget friendly date ideas

Budget friendly date ideas

Nights are getting warmer and couples are coming out of hibernation. You’ve probably heard that date nights are key to a happy relationship – but maybe fancy bistros aren’t your thing. Plus the bill can be enough to ruin the romance. Here’s a bunch of thrifty, out of the box, budget friendly date ideas. You’ll get brownie points for creativity and you’ll save some cash while you’re at it. 

Eat at a food truck

Food trucks no longer mean soggy fries and dry hot dogs. Keep an eye out for food truck events near you – serving up bao buns, Dutch fries and Israeli street food. If you’re in Auckland, check out Food Truck Collective on Facebook to stay in the know.

 Write a love letter

You don’t need to part with any hard-earned cash, but a love letter is one of the most romantic sentiments. If you’re not sure where to start, Google is your friend. 

Puzzle night

You don’t even need to go out for a budget friendly date night. Pick up a puzzle at the op shop, or a favourite board game, and make some good old-fashioned fun. Just add wine and take-out.

Have a picnic

Fancy three-course meals are time-consuming, expensive, and require getting dressed out of your beachwear. Keep it simple, local, and cheap with a picnic. Stock up on delicious snacks at the supermarket, bake a pie, or visit your local fish n chip shop.

Visit a museum

When was the last time you visited a museum? If you have one nearby, they can make the perfect venue for a date with a spot of culture. Peruse the art, delve into some history and learn some science. Afterwards, find the closest ice cream shop or café. 

Take a ferry

Sometimes it’s about the journey, not the destination. There’s something romantic about getting out on the sea, and a boat trip can be a real novelty. If a ferry is out of the question, opt for a train ride somewhere new.

Arcade or bowling night

There’s nothing like some friendly competition to keep the spark alive. Whoever loses shouts a round of drinks at the end of the night.

Wine and cheese for dinner

Skip the pizza, or restaurant meal, and opt for delicious snacks for dinner. A good antipasto platter is sure to fill you up – salty cured meats, a range of cheeses, mini stuffed peppers, nuts and olives, your favourite crackers and a trio of dips. Conveniently, these foods match perfectly with a bottle of wine (or two).

Go hiking

Tick off a date and your morning exercise at once with a scenic hike. Fresh air and an increased heart rate is a budget friendly date that’s guaranteed to get the endorphins up.

Hire a bike

Go for a spin around the park, along the beach sidewalk, or bike track. Go tandem for real cheese factor.

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