planning for Christmas

7 ways to start prepping (and saving) for Christmas

Are we allowed to say the word ‘Christmas’ yet? To be fair it’s hard to know what day of the year it is in 2020. But the truth is we are less than 15 weeks until the big day, with Christmas costing the average Kiwi $624. The key is to plan ahead to help spread the cost, spreading festive cheer rather than festive fear.  

Start setting money aside (yes, now) 

All that Christmas buzz will be around before you know it, so the time to start putting money away is now. Stashing away what you can from each pay cheque should give you a good head start. Also consider having a spring clean out to earn some extra cash. 

 Make the most of sales before Christmas

Leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute not only means rushed decisions, but it usually means paying full price. Start thinking about gifts now and wait for any pre-Christmas sales. Black Friday sales can be a good time to pick up bargains – Friday 27th November this year. Smaller boutique stores might skip Black Friday and be more likely to run a sale over Labour weekend, 24th October. 

Set a budget 

Setting a budget might sound like it’ll ruin the fun, but it will help save you that post-Christmas financial stress. Remember to plan for gifts, petrol or flights, accommodation and food. 

Price spy 

Got a gift in mind already? Before you get out your wallet, check you’re getting the best deal at Price Spy. You’ll find thousands of products from tech to toys, and a 10 second search could save you hundreds. 

Start menu planning early 

It might sound early to start thinking about Christmas Day lunch already, but dreaming up berry pavlovas and turkey lunch isn’t the worst job. If you know your shopping list, you can start keeping an eye out for specials on all those non-perishable goods. We just can’t promise any chocolate purchases will stick around until Christmas… 

Book travel in advance 

We often think of gifts when we think Christmas budget, but if you’ll be flying this Christmas it’s worth getting in early (a.k.a now). 

Opt for family secret santa 

Got a big clan to buy for at Christmas? Skip the gifts for every man and his dog this year, and propose a family Secret Santa. You might still choose to buy for all immediate family, but you’ll save a bunch of money – and be more likely to buy a thoughtful, generous gift for your lucky recipient.