Home improvements

5 Home Improvements most likely to add value

Looking to sell your home in the near future? You’ll be looking to maximise your value, and a few home improvements can make a big difference. But it can be hard to know where to start, and you need to ensure you spend your pennies wisely. Check out our top improvements for maximum returns without breaking the bank.


If you’re looking to make improvements while getting for the best bang for your back, landscaping is a great place to start.

You’ve probably heard about the importance of ‘street appeal’. Since the entrance is the first impression of a home, it really can matter on sale day. Improving street appeal can be as easy as tidying things up, adding some pots and planting, and painting the front door. A general tidy up and maintenance can go far in the garden, and will cost little to nothing – weeding, a well-maintained lawn, and tidy hedges should be priority. Outdoor entertaining is an important part of the Kiwi lifestyle, so an inviting deck (or paved socialising area) is often worth the investment. Potential buyers want to see themselves living in your house – a tidy, inviting deck will have them picturing Sunday afternoons with friends and family. Other worthwhile improvements include paving, established planting and a garden shed.
It’s best to get to the garden improvements before anything else, since it can take a while for a good garden to become established for most impact. Unlike improvements anywhere else in the house, gardens actually get better with age – and rarely date.


Kitchens are one of the most defining spaces of a home. However, they are also the most expensive to renovate, so a complete kitchen re-haul isn’t always the wisest use of your cash. Consider a lighter kitchen update, which can make a big impact with a much smaller budget. Look at a modern benchtop, re-surfacing cupboards, updated handles, a new splashback and on-trend sink.


Bathrooms are another important feature of a home for potential buyers. If you can still work with the current layout, you’ll save a bunch of plumbing budget. If you’re hoping to appeal to younger buyers, consider matt black fixtures which are very on-trend at the moment.

Fresh paint

There’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint to transform a room!If your walls are lookinga little worn, or you haven’t updated the colour in the last decade, it’s time to get out the paint brush.Like all updates with added value in mind, keep things neutral. You can’t go wrong with white, but there are SO many whites available. As a general rule, a modern style home will suit a crisp bright white, whereas older style homes suit a duller white.


Once you’ve got your walls looking oh-so-fresh, updating the décor can turn a home from drab to fab. If your entire house is full of less than fabulous, a de-clutter is a great place to start, since a cluttered home often looks smaller than it actually is. And it doesn’t cost a thing! You could consider home staging, in which your entire home contents is replaced with rented furnishings, but is usually only appropriate when the house is vacant.
The biggest bonus of buying new furniture and home accessories is that, unlike renovations, you get to take them all with you to a new home. Remember your intended target market when selecting your furniture – you’re best to stick to neutral, modern choices that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.

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